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Everyone has a story to tell

Whether it’s to get fit, lose weight or for the love of running, your story is part of our fight for a world where diabetes can do no harm. Share your story using #LoveYourRun and help inspire others to be amazed at what their body can do.

Carol running
Carol, 2020 Month of Miles finisher

For me, after spending so much of last year indoors shielding, the challenge was a great source of motivation to get back out into the world. I had spent so much time indoors during the year, so it did feel daunting when things started to open up again - but that’s where Month of Miles really helped. We have some lovely countryside routes near me, so the challenge was a good push in the right direction.

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Steph, 2020 Month of Miles finisher

In the early days of my daughter’s diagnosis, both my husband and I just felt so helpless. All you want to do as a parent is make it better, and we just couldn’t. But having the Month of Miles challenge as something to focus on really helped - you feel like you’re doing something to support the charity and people affected by diabetes, and that’s so motivating.

I signed up to Month of Miles because I needed something to focus on to help me deal with my daughter’s diagnosis, and because I truly wanted to do something to help a charity that has quickly become so close to our hearts. 

I didn’t quite expect to feel the mental health benefits of the challenge as strongly as I did, but at a time when things were quite hard and dark for my family - Month of Miles was a real ray of sunshine. It was a great way to keep our minds off everything, and a very welcome distraction. I can’t wait for this year’s challenge!

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Kirsten, 2020 Month of Miles Finisher

Running is really good for my diabetes, it helps me manage my blood glucose (sugar) levels and the more I do it, the better I feel - both mentally and physically. The challenge is also going to be a good way for me to prepare for the marathon, as I’ve signed up to do it again this year! And I just love getting involved with Diabetes UK and supporting their work to raise awareness about the condition. There’s no cure right now, but hopefully one day there will be.

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